Izumisano city is located across from Kansai international airport and plays the role of the gateway of Japan. We are pleased to welcome choirs from all over the world to this International choir festival. The unique feature of this festival is to promote regional development by collaborating with various fields such as tourism, medical treatment, education and environments.

Saturday,23th Oct 2021 - Sunday,24th Oct 2021

Izuisano City, Rin-ku Chorus MICE 2021 Executive Committee
《Main Organizer》
Izumisano City Promotion Partnership, Chorus MICE
Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau, Sakai City Choral Association, Kaizuka City Choral Association, Sennan Choral Association, Wakayama City Choral Association
Osaka Prefecture, Osaka Prefecture Board of Education, Izumisano City Board of Education, Izumisano-Sennan Medical Association, Izumisano Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Izumisano Junior Chamber

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